Sunday, 11 October 2015

Our school and exams by Jacinter and Baraka

School is the subject chosen by today's junior bloggers.
Starting with Jacinter, aged 13.
My  school is known as Hayward's Happy House School. 
It is located at Watamu, not far from Timboni market.
 It has many classrooms, some devoted to various activities.
For example, a  computer room, a library, a banda  and lower primary classes and upper primary. There is also the Kindergarten. 
Our school head  teacher  is  Madam Milka, she is tall, and very caring.
We have different games that we do play - volleyball , netball and football.
We wear different types of  school uniform on some days red shirts and black skirts  or trousers, on PE days we wear shorts and t-shirts (red, blue,green or yellow).

Exams by Baraka

My name is Baraka Mkutano. I am 12 years old
It was on Friday afternoon we were told to go to the banda for the  first exam results of this term.
That day I was very happy,  I knew I was going to know my position and my marks.
We started with class one , then two, three  then, at last, we reached class four. 
Our class teacher
Started announcing the results and I was in position two.
I got 433 marks out of teacher was pleased with my marks and I was also pleased with my marks that day. 
In math I got 76 marks, English I got 89 marks, Kiswahili I got 80 marks, social studies I got 88 marks and science I got 100 marks.
Mama is happy with my marks, also Aunty Libby is happy with them.
All the teachers are happy with my results.
Even now I wish I could be the number one.
It was not as easy as I thought, it was a hard exam but I will always work hard for my exams.

Making it happen

It is for Jacinter, Baraka and all the children in Happy House now, and those who will follow them in the future, that we must complete and open our secondary school.
If you would like to help us finish, furnish, resource and staff the school ready for opening in January please go to