Friday, 3 January 2014

Testing time for baby Athman

Baby Athman has been giving us some cause for concern.
He's just not growing as fast or meeting the milestones of a baby his age and while, we know from experience, it may  be because of his very poorly and tragic beginnings, Mama and Uncle Billy always pursue every possible avenue to ensure a child's good health.
Athman came to us in March when he was just three weeks old.  He was born prematurely and after delivering him safely, his mum died whilst trying to give birth to his twin. The second baby, who was breach, also died.
Athman, his sister, Sudi, and brother Abu, were left with their grandmother, a refugee from tribal unrest and flooding  in the Tana delta, who could not afford to buy baby milk or to meet the most basic needs of three young children.
Sudi and Abu are thriving in our family, but Athman, whilst a happy little chap, has struggled with his health despite all our love, care  and medical attention.
So it was a huge relief to get the results of most recent tests which indicate he does not have the heart problems medics feared might be the case.
Uncle Billy says: "The little chap is in the clear at last!
Quite some refreshing news after the echo report reads "mild pulmonary valve stenosis, good function "
The final recommendations being of reassurance  plus a full haemoglobin test and an abdominal ultrasound.
Good luck little one ,we truly care !"
If future tests do show up any problems we will make sure that this beautiful little boy get the best medical help that we can buy. The tests undertaken so far have come with a high price tag, but  we never, never, scrimp on a child's health. Good health is life's greatest blessing.
Meanwhile, we will  continue to give him all the love, care,encouragement and stimulation he needs to make him the best that he can be.