Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A stitch in time for Auntie Coral

It's the fourth year that Coral Blackhurst has volunteered at the Happy house.
Now "Auntie" Coral to all the family, she spends three months or so each visit helping out wherever she is needed.
Coral, from the Isle of Man, has experience as a teacher and opened the very first day nursery in Preston whilst living in Lancashire.
It may have been some years ago, and she has done much since including running one of the Isle of Man's most famous hostelries with her late husband, Harold, but her work with children, plus being a mum and grandmother, stands her in good stead when assisting teachers in school.
Coral writes:It is such fun working at the Happy House  My day consists of working with the baby class and playgroup as this is a large group of children all at different stages in their development.
 I try to help the teachers as much as possible taking small groups for other activities or even the whole class for storytelling and songs.
 There is a joy to be had in listening to a group of African children chanting " Oh,Oh Here Comes Trouble!" as I recount the story of Solomon the Crocodile,  one of their favourites
I make them playdough from flour salt and food colouring.My biggest task is to stop the little ones from eating it.
I also help out with the morning snacks and lunch.
We are back at school today after the holiday and holiday club.  I have been teaching the older girls to use a sewing machine.  They are making bags at present but are looking forward to going to the shop themselves and choosing their own material to make simple skirts.
It is a pleasure to take these children anywhere.They are so well behaved but can you imagine the charming picture.

One day we went  to the beach.  
Down the road they walked each with a bright yellow towel wrapped around them and older one holding the hand of a little one chattering laughing and singing and just being so happy Happy House Kids