Saturday, 11 January 2014

Solar setback

There has been a costly setback this week with a £1,714 outlay to buy a new larger inverter to help generate solar power.
Mama Sue said that there had been a problem  at the back of the building for  the fuse blowing continually, and needing replacing at £10 a time.  
Replacement was the only solution and a must to keep our power supply constant.
Munga, the electrician, has now replaced the inverter with a larger one and will fit the smaller one  he has taken out at the front of the building to supply the the front office, kitchen and television.
" We have 30 batteries, that will soon become useless if they are not used.  Of these 16 will be fitted to the larger inverter, and ten will be fitted to the smaller inverter, we will  then have four for sale which should raise £214 in total."  said Mama.
Such a a big bill is a headache, but it was the only way to solve the problem.