Monday, 20 January 2014

Just clowning around

 The sound of laughter reverberated around the Happy House when a clown and company popped in to entertain the children.
The show, just after morning snack break, was staged by clown, Gregory, who was joined by Allesandro Guandolini, Nicolo Mancini and Manuela, all from Bravo Village Resort.
The kids watched with delight as  Gregory made animal balloons, and then after making swords from balloons he invited two youngsters to a duel .., with him emerging as a very poor loser, which his audience found very funny indeed!

"It was a morning well spent and it was a good thing to make new contacts because  we need to involve as many people as we can in taking care of our ever growing family," said Uncle Billy.
Thank you to our new friends from Villaggi Bravo for putting on such a splendid show.