Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Family love for our two arrivals

Alex ready for school
Two little boys in desperate need have found a safe a loving home at the Happy House.
Sad and uncertain when they arrived last week Baraka Muktano, 12, and Alex Kinuya, who is around five, have, within a few days, settled in to our family, making friends, and enjoying school.
Alex has has a very difficult start in life, distanced from his mum at an early age and later left to fend for himself by his father. The plight of the little boy made his teachers from the Ganda primary who live nearby, and neighbours,  look for help on behalf of the boy and he was brought home to the Happy House. He is pictured (below) with the teacher, Mr Joseph Mwbugua, who sought our help.

Baraka was rescued on the same day. The youngest of three children,  after the death of his parents he left  with his sister who is now  married as a second wife with one biological child and three stepchildren.
Baraka was was not fully accepted by his sister's husband
 and children and this was causing him much unhappiness and many problems.
Knowing the child's suffering , his class teacher approached  the Happy House asking for help for the boy who is bright with great potential.
Now Alex and Baraka's worries are behind them and they are discovering what it is like to have the love of a family.
* Alex's exact age is uncertain as we are yet to have his birth certificate, as is often the case.