Thursday, 23 January 2014

Congratulations and celebrations

There were four birthdays to celebrate at this week's kidz club - every one celebrating a a milestone in life.
All have their birthdays in the coming week and, as you know, it is at kidz club, the one occasion in the week when all the family, children, teachers, voluteers and every member of staff are together.
As we are one big family, and birthdays are family occasions, t gifts are presented and  birthday songs are sung at Kidz Club.
This week's celebrations were for Katana, Rose Safari, "baby" Esther who is now TWO and Uncle Billy who shares his birthday with Esther.
Rosie's gift was presented by "Uncle" Scott Webster, who with his wife Laura arrived from the UK just in time to get to the Happy House for Kidz Club.
 It was lovely for them as they are in Rose's sponsor family.
All received gifts and greetings to the joy of everyone.
Happy birthday to them all and welcome back to friends Scott and Laura.