Friday, 10 January 2014

From Mexico with love

Two volunteers from Mexico will arriving later this month as they start three months working with our family.
Human rights lawyer Alejandra Quintana and her friend Fabiola Matute, an engineer, have been friends since they were three years old and will be achieving a long-held ambition when they arrive in Africa.
"Since we were little we have been interested in meeting different people, cultures and places, " says Alejandra, who everyone call Aleka.
"In Mexico we went to many mission trips along the country and we have volunteered in different organizations with babies and kids involved.
" In every one of these experiences we have learned something different and have grown in different aspects.
"Since we have memory it has been a dream of ours to go to Africa to volunteer, to meet people from places and cultures so far and different from ours. 
"We are excited to help in Happy House and we are sure it’ll be an experience of a life time and a dream come true."
Aleka and Fabiola, both 25 and from Mexico City,  have been working hard to fundraise  £500 each  as their volunteer donation to the Happy House.
As a part of they held a raffle for an iPod Nano/
"We sold tickets for the raffle of an ipod nano to literally almost every person we know, to our friends, to our family, to our co-workers even to people we don’t know at the supe market!"
They also held a Bazaar at Fabiola's house inviting local craftspeople and retailers to take stalls and invited friends to come along and help.
During the event they showed a slide show of Happy House pictures as they wanted everyone to see the children they were helping.
"Everyone loved this!," added Aleka.
The two friends have achieved their fundraising goal and everyone at the Happy House is looking forward to welcoming them.