Sunday, 12 January 2014

My holidays by Daniela

Looking back to the first day of the school holidays, is today's junior blogger Daniela.
It was on Monday when I woke up early at a crack of dawn and I started preparing myself for the day.  
I went to have my breakfast and I started my holiday.
I did not know that we had holiday club. 
When I closed my eyes and opened them again I saw the gateman was opening the gate when I looked at the gate I saw the school bus 
 I was very surprised when I saw that the day children had put on home clothes. When the school bus had stopped I went and asked Madam Joy and she answered me that `` it is holiday club `` so we are not supposed to wear school uniform.''
I looked inside the bus it was full to capacity, all seats were taken and there was no space to swing a cat.
Everyone was dressed immaculately for the colourful occasion. I walked proudly towards the dais and greeted everyone happily as my fellow pupils cheered loudly.
After that we went to the big banda and Madam Joy told us that the first activity we were all having was dancing.
Mr Mdachi went and got the radio and a CD of songs .He connected everything and he pressed play and the song started.
We were jovial and danced vigorously to the music .But at the end of that day we had a lovely time.
It would not be a mistake if we said that .it is true what the ancient dictum states that: Small beginnings make a great ending