Saturday, 25 January 2014

Back home again

Emmanuel and Elijah
Back in November we told you of our efforts to return to their relatives, with support, the children whose family circumstances had changed enough for them to live back home with a caring relative.
This is in line with the Government's requirements of children's homes and we have always been committed to maintaining and strengthening family links when in a child's interests.
As the cost of schooling is a major obstacle in these cases, Mama decided that a child going back to relatives would continue to attend school at the Happy House where we would provide free education and healthcare for them. This would allow us to monitor their situation very carefully to ensure it is working for the child, who is always our prime focus.
Mercy and David

Hope with friend Selina
It was always a trial, and of the five children who went "home" four are now back with us, Brothers Emmanuel and Elijah returned when their their grandmum was left to care for them alone and couldn't manage, and Mercy and David couldn't settle back with their aunt, who is also Hope's mum. Hope is still happily at home with mum and coming in to school every day and Elijah and Emmanuel's grandmum comes to visit.
Mama said: " It shows that our plan to keep the children in our school works well because we can monitor the situation day by day. They will always be Happy House kids.."