Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Will reaches the heights and raises £1,305

Will Langran , a sixth form student at Upppingham School,  has been spending part of his summer break trekking across mountainous terrain in Nepal and  raising £1,305 for the Happy House.
Will, 17, from Essex  completed the trek from Jomsom to Mustang with his aunt, Gillian.
It was a tough call, but Will was determined to push himself to new heights. He says:
''The  trek lasted 14 days and on average we walked for seven hours a day, the highest altitude we got to was 4035m where it became very hard to breathe and walking uphill became very slow. 
We had fantastic weather on the whole. This was the most remote place I had ever been to, where they still eat with their hands and use squatter toilets. Often the families are only living in one room. 
The landscape was unbelievable as  I hope you can see that from the photos
. I found the first two days a massive physical challenge whilst getting used to the altitude, but then it became progressively easier and became much fitter.
Religion is hugely influential out there, for example once you have climbed to the top of a pass, it is tradition to throw a rock onto the pile and say a prayer, which our porters did relentlessly. On the whole we stayed in lodges and the accommodation was extremely basic as you would expect. 
The road up towards Marpha from Beni was five hours on the worst road I have ever been on. We had to change buses six  times due to landslides in the road or the gearbox blowing mid journey, but that was all part of the fantastic experience. 
 I loved every minute of it and it made it even better that I was doing it for your fantastic cause. I sincerely hope the money can make a difference and I would love to visit  the Happy House next time I am in Watamu."
Thank you Will for making the Happy House a part of your amazing adventure and for raising so much money for our family.  We look forward to seeing you.
A big thank you, also,  to everyone who sponsored Will