Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Now Mama's got two wheels!

Lucky Mama... the Happy House is the owner of a brand new motorcycle.
Volunteer Frankie Asher has very kindly bought it as a gift for Mama as post-op tonic, not that she's thinking of driving it or even riding pillion, as an additional means of of transport.
He'll be using it to get to and from the Happy House in the three months he is helping our family, but he has bought it for and registered it to the family and how very useful it will be.
The bike (and helmet) will be used by staff licensed to ride it, on short journeys to suppliers, to get to meetings etc.
 It will save money in fuel and free up  our four-wheeled vehicles for other essential journeys. A huge asset indeed.
Mama was absolutely thrilled with Frankie's thoughtfulness and is delighted to be a biker girl!
Thank you Frankie for your generosity and thoughtfulness.