Saturday, 17 August 2013

Talking family at Carnforth Rotary

Guests from Melbourne, Australia, and our own Elizabeth Gomm speaking about the Happy House family in Kenya gave a truly international flavour to Carnforth Rotary Club's weekly meeting. Elizabeth was warmly welcomed by the club members at Longlands Hotel, Tewitfield, and introduced by president Malcolm Watkins.
 She told of our founder Mama Sue's incredible journey from visiting Watamu on holiday in 2000 to opening the Happy House in 2010  where she is now  Mama to 73 children.  Between 2000 and completing the Happy House, Sue had developed three schools creating 700 pupil places, and since opening the Happy House a kindergarten and a primary school have been added there too.
There have been many joys and  heartbreak along Sue's road to the Happy House, and there with her every step of the way has been her devoted husband, Papa Dave
Sue's extraordinary dedication and focus and the scale of what she has achieved never fails to impress, and of course everyone at the meeting had their hearts captured by the beautiful children who now have a chance in life because of Sue.
Elizabeth was thanked by her host for the evening Les Pott  on a wonderful talk.
He said as the father of adopted twins he found it extremely moving. 
Thank you to everyone for being so welcoming and for your donation to our work.