Sunday, 25 August 2013

Hello Mama, Hello Papa ... from Fikiri

Our kids are so excited to know that their Mama and Papa will soon be back home with them once again and their family complete.
Today's blog is written by Fikiri and takes the form of a letter to Mama and to  Papa

Dear Mama Sue,  I hope you are fine thank you. I want to tell you that In school we have good teachers in school and I want to tell you we have prefects in school. In school we are eating good food at lunchtime  and we have newcomers in class. We love you.

Dear Papa,  I hope you are fine, thank you, we love you and we miss you when you come home we shall cook  for you pilau and chicken and we shall have a big party,  for when we talk to you on the Skype and you told us that you shall be there on  14th of September and you say that we shall come to pick you  in Mombasa we shall arrive at 7.30am When you come home we shall take you to see the garden. Uncle  Tevin show us how to plant maize and carrots, tomatoes and potatoes .
Today, the kids council start at after lunch.