Sunday, 11 August 2013

Eager readers ... by Jane

Salama picks a book
Hello I  am Jane ,
I am writing the blog  about the library
Every Sunday we are going to library and read the story books
Teacher  Catherine taught us about the library things  we enjoy  to read... the story books
We love the library club because  is teaching us to be a good readers in the world
In the library we learn how to write and retell stories.
If you want to be a good reader you must now how  to read.
In Happy  House when you read six story books you will be given a reader bug badge and certificate.
In the Happy  House we learn how to use a library.
And we learn how to start with Title and the Characters .Title is the name of a book,
My picture is of Salama in the library.
Good wishes from Jane Juma in the Happy House,