Saturday, 3 August 2013

The magic of learning ... together

Sifa helps the younger ones
The Happy House magic is learning.
The words spoken by Evans, 11, on our video A Very Special Job show the importance our kids place on their education.
Mama encourages each and every child to do their best, and also for those who are doing well to help others who may be finding it little bit harder and for older children to help their little brothers and sisters.
Janet turns teacher
Our primary school head teacher, Mr Athuman, writes:
 Education is the first priority of the children at the Happy House, Mama’s dream.
 Every child gets an opportunity to learn in a good environment. 
The kids in their different classes  have termly targets in every subject. This gives the kids clear focus on what they want to achieve by the end of term -to achieve all the targets.
 Happy House kids have their own unique study groups which comprise of all learners grouped in different abilities.
Maria shows how it is done
The kids in the upper class help those who are weak in the lower classes so that they can achieve their targets.
The Happy House kids enjoy learning so much since they get an opportunity to learn from their fellow kids.
Kids get involved fully in the learning process and this makes a child centred way of learning. 
 This is the magic of the Happy House and the way towards the success in education.