Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Band of brothers

Mama and Papa are busy getting all packed up to go home to their family.
And they just can't wait to be reunited with everyone they love so much.
It's been a stay much longer than intended, but now Mama is walking back to health and also to happiness with a brand new hip!
They are thrilled that so many people are taking time to visit them to wish them well for their journey home on September 13.
This weekend two of Dave brothers  and their wives braved a border crossing from White Rose to Red Rose country to spend a day with Sue and Dave..
Jimmy and Tony, with wives Pat and Pauline, had a lovely time catching up with Mama and Papa and talking over old times and memories of their mum, Polly,  before wishing them a safe journey back to Kenya.
Pictured, from left,are: Papa Dave, Mama Sue, Pat, Pauline, Jimmy and Tony.