Thursday, 8 August 2013

Birthdays and a star

Two birthdays, one star!
Three of our children took centre stage at Kidz Club this week.
The birthday gifts went to Mariam Safari and Abu Bakari.
Abu (right) joined our family, along with his baby brother, Athman, and elder sister, Sudi, in March and this will be the first time in his little life that he has ever had a birthday gift. 
Mariam ( bottom left) has grown into a happy, confident girl since she came to us with her four younger siblings in 2011, and seeing her birthday smile is a true gift for everyone who supports Mama Sue and her work to give children the worry-free childhood they deserve.
Our star of the week this week was Zawadi (top left) who received her certificate for being helpful in our nursery, helping the aunties to bath the babies.
Well done Zawadi, and happy birthday to Mariam and Abu.