Thursday, 22 August 2013

Welcome "home" to the Websters

To Grace Webster her family's sponsor child, Oscar, is her twin brother.
They were both born on the same date - two continents apart.
And now they have met for the first time.
Grace's mum Louise is the very special lady who sends out the profiles of our Happy House children to new sponsors, so her name will be known to lots of you.
Despite being an extremely busy working mum to Grace and her younger sister Alice, she still finds time to be a wonderful volunteer and friend to the charity she and Gary have been supporting for a very long time.
Louise and Gary, from Leyburn,Yorkshire, are also known to guests at our charity nights for their legendary skills at selling raffle tickets. No one escapes without buying just another one!
So how wonderful it for this incredibly hard working family, who have pulled out all the stops to make this holiday possible, to be at the Happy House and to spend some proper time with the family they are so much a part of and to get know Oscar who is such a part of their own family.
They were given a rousing Happy House welcome on Monday, and on Tuesday were the guests of honour at Kidz Club.
Have a lovely time Louise, Gary, Grace and Alice and THANK YOU for all you do.