Thursday, 11 February 2010

Emailing: Elders 009

Silas has been out and about meeting and talking to all the local village elders and chiefs. The assistant chief of this area came to the Happy House to see for himself what we are doing and why. He was thrilled with what we told and showed him. He then called a meeting of the village elders of all the 19 villages in his jurisdiction. Silas attended this meeting to explain all about the Happy House. I was delighted when Silas brought everyone to have a look around and see for themselves this beautiful place for children. One of the elders said to Silas this is the first time we have ever been consulted and invited to see where the children will live. They felt honored that they had been shown so much respect. These are the people who know the genuine cases of children who need our help. The also work with the children's officer in Malindi, but he is not always able to help. The children will be identified and the details will be given to Silas to go and meet the children and assess the situations. We can bring the children home to the Happy House while the court orders are processed. We were told about 3 children who are living with a very old Granddad who is unable to care for himself never mind small children. There is a mother who is dying with Aids and she just wants to know her baby will be taken care of.
 It is so sad for so many, but now we are here we know we are able to 'Make a Difference'