Saturday, 13 February 2010

Neil French & Andy Neville

Dave & I were lucky enough to meet Neil French and Andy Neville this week. They are staying at Turtle Bay Beach Club and are here for the fishing. Not being a girl to miss an opportunity I mentioned the Happy House Kids. They immediately offered to give us the largest fish that would hopefully be caught the next day.True to their word, we now have a freezer full with 20 kilos of fish. When the next container arrives with the fridges and freezers for the Happy House we can transfer the fish to be used for the children.
Neil and Andy came to see for themselves what was happening at the Happy House and were very impressed. They have promised to help raise some much needed funds to sustain the running of the Happy House, either with a fishing competition or other event. Neil is also going to pass the word around the fishing fraternity here in Watamu that we need fish for our kids on a regular basis.
Thanks guys.