Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Primrose & Candy Stobbs

Last year I was contacted by a lovely lady called Primrose Stobbs. Primrose told me that in the past she has organized large Carol Services in support of charities in various churches in the London area. Primrose offered to arrange one in support of our children, I was delighted.
I received a phone call yesterday from  Primrose to say she was here in Watamu with her daughter Candy and could they come to see the Happy House. Primrose told me of her plans for the carol service to be held at the Chelsea Old Church which stands on the Chelsea Embankment. It is arranged for the 9th of December. I am planning to go back to Blackpool in November for our annual charity night so we decided I would also go and speak at the Carol Service. I felt so proud to be asked.