Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Twins are Coming Home

Wednesday was very emotional for us all at the Happy House. Silas went to visit the family of the two week old twins whose Mum had died. He brought the  Great Grandmother, the grandmother and the sister of the Mum who died, plus the twins a boy and a girl. The Grandmother was very upset, she lost her daughter two weeks ago and now she was having to make the decision on the future of the babies. The family cannot  afford to buy the milk needed for new babies.  99% of babies here are breast fed. They had been trying to feed the twins on cows milk but obviously the babies couldn't take it. They had rags on for nappies and were so tiny and frail. The little boy was having trouble with his bowels. We decided that Silas would go with the family to the local clinic and get the babies examined. There was no serious problems. We bought the medicine needed, and the baby food. We gave the Grandma bottles, clothes, pampers and wipes. We had to explain what the pampers and wipes were for, they had never seen them before. The babies will be coming home to the Happy House on Monday to stay. Grandma thought it was a wonderful place for the babies to be brought up. We assured her they they would be loved and well cared for, and the door of the Happy House would always be open for her and the family to visit the children.
For obvious reasons we did not take any photographs. Silas was quite upset by the situation, as we all were, and believes his new job as our Social Worker is going to be very challenging. I held the little boy in my arms and said to him ' Children such as you and your sister are the reason I am here'
Every item we gave to the family for the twins had been donated by all of you. Without YOU we would not be able to help these families and orphans. Thank you all so much for being there, and  for caring.