Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Kids are Coming Home !!

We now have 11 Happy House Kids!!  They are settling well and very fast. They were here all day yesterday, being their first day, not one cried or asked for a relative, they bonded together so well. We have two families one of two brothers and a 2 year old  sister. The oldest boy, Musyoka, is fantastic with the sister Fatuma. ( seen here ) He is like a little Dad. The Mum has mental problems and would go and leave the children for days at a time, so it is apparent that Evans took over the role of parent. This is why they have been removed from here and brought to the Happy House.The were definitely at serious risk. It is sad, but also amazing the power of survival in 3 so young. They all responding well to the care they are being given. All so hungry on the first day, but today they seem to be settling, and eating well at meal times. Everyone slept all night with no wet beds.
Rose is working with Alice the cook on trational African lunches and I am going to do the tea menu, with a more English theme.I gave everyone Weetabix this morning, the feelings were mixed but most of them ate them up and then asked for bread. It was such a treat for the children when it came with butter and jam!!
The children looked so different once they had been washed and dressed in all the lovely clothes that had been donated. It was obvious they also felt better to be clean and fresh. 3 children that Silas brought home last night have terrible jiggers. These are small  worms that burrow under the finger and toe nails. The nails turn black and fall off, the pain must be tremendous. The doctor came this morning and cleaned the infestations, we then took them to a local clinic for tetanus injections. One or two of the children have ring worm, which is very contagious, the doctor recommended a special cream to be used so again within the week, all should be clear. With a good hygiene regime, lots of fruits and veggies at regular meal times, these children will be soon be happy and healthy, just as they should be.