Saturday, 13 February 2010

Let There be Light !

At last we have electricity! The company supplying us is called Kenay Power and Light, but is kown locally as Kenya Power and Darkness due to all the power cuts! We need a big generator  to run everything during these cuts but that will cost £4,500 to £5,000 so that will have to wait.
We needed 75 lampshades! We bought the local wicker ones at 100/- each ( 85p ) they look lovely. We need 18 outside lights at a cost of 500/- each, 9,000/- Ksh Just less than £60. We are having mosquito screens made for all the windows, starting the the children's bedroom. Waiting for the quote on that one. Silas brought a lady he knows who runs a community project teaching young girls to sew, as you know i am always very keen to support our own community. We asked her to make the curtains, cushions, bedcover and mosiquito nets. I think the sun is getting to me now! I asked this lady, Rose, how many girls do you have in training, she said 35, I thought Oh great they will soon have everymade made and ready. Then Silas asked me how many machines do we have? I said 'Us?' Why how many does she have he said 2!! Not as quick as I thought then!! We have a machine at school we can use, one already here that was dontated by a Blackpool lady and is a beautiful hand Singer machine. My own electric machine is in the container due any day now, so now we have 5! I will have to organise shifts for them so the machines are running 24 hours, just a joke!! Or maybe a thought..........