Saturday, 13 February 2010

If you want a Safaris Julius Ndaa is your guy

Silas introduced us to Julius Ndaa last year during the time that Lytham High School were here in Watamu. Julius arranged for the teachers and students to go on a safari, visit Hells Kitchen, Malindi, the Butterfly Farm, Snake Farm and also a fantastic boat trip where they could swim and snorkel in the Marine Park followed by a superb lobster lunch cooked on the beach. He also picked the group up every day from Turtle Bay Beach Club and returned them in the evenings after a hard day at school!!
Julius's prices are very reasonable, around £200 to £250 for a two day one night safari. He can arrange packages to suit everyone. Some of you might want to include other local trips or a boat trip to see the dolphins, he will arrange everything to suit the individuals needs. Julius has agreed to donate 20% of all profit to the Happy House Kids. . For those of you who are travelling to Watamu in March for the 'official' opening I will arrange a meeting for everyone so Julius will be able to come and tell you personally, what where and when and the all important how much. No need to book in advance it can all be done during you visit. He is unable to take credit cards.
If you would like any information  regarding the trips available please do not hesitate to contact Julius direct via his email on  Please state that you are connected to us and our children.
Chris our fantastic Webmaster and I will be creating page on the website for more information about Julius with recommendations from the Lytham High School teachers and students.