Saturday, 27 February 2010

Happy House Kitchen

Now it looks like a working kitchen, everything is coming to life. Yes, it is a dream coming true. I cry most days, either frustration with the docks or just sheer delight that the children  are able to come home. They are brought to us, in such a sorry heartbreaking condition. People used to ask me why I was crying now the staff just smile and carry on. When they asked I never knew exactly why!  It is very emotional for me, I am a bit wobbly as I am writing this to you all.
 I am very worried about money, everything has cost so much more than we expected, the import duty,  electricity, water, even light bulbs, & pillows, we need so many of everything.  Medical treatment, inoculations and medicines for the children, meeting the fire regulations, is all costing every day.
We will make it we have to, we have come so far  we can't fall at the final hurdle.
Thank you all for being there and caring.
Lots of love Sue & The Kids xxx