Tuesday, 5 December 2017

So many successes

Every child at Happy House is a success story borne out of love.
Smiles ,on their lips and in their eyes, warm my heart as I watch them together - playing, learning and helping at home.
They are truly happy kids, and we want you, the people whose generosity has helped Mama Sue to build, grow and maintain her Happy House dream , to know what a difference your support makes to young lives.
Mama Sue's dedication and love has created a home where children who have lived in squalor, fear, or extreme poverty  have a childhood  free from worry.
They  go to school, play, grow strong and healthy knowing they are surrounded by people who care for them and love them.They may have suffered loss or tragedy or endured the pain of separation -  indeed somewhere abandoned as babies and have never known a life other than our Happy House - but that's in the past and we look to the future.
Whatever their story, Mama Sue is there to guide them and to help them shape their lives by encouraging them to be the best they can be.  She grows the kids to believe in themselves and to be confident and capable little beings.
The kids love her for all she does for them.
Kids who have lived on the brink of despair,  know that they will never suffer in that way again - not on Mama's watch.
She will fight every corner to get the best for them.
To all our kids whether living at Happy House or  successfully repatriated with relatives in the community,  
On school closing day. kids living in our family  who won class awards made a beeline for Mama  to show her their certificates and to be rewarded with a cuddle
Mama Sue remains their Mama,.
They tell her so. 
She has given them a home where they have put down roots.
Whatever they go on to in life, they know there will be one place where they can be certain they  of a welcome when they need a listening ear or the comfort of home. 
That place is Happy House,
Because Mama has made it so,