Thursday, 7 December 2017

Fledglings take flight

Meet the graduates.
Having reached the end of their kindergarten schooling out KG3 kids put on their caps and gowns ready to graduate to primary school in January.
And how proud we were to have five little chicks living in our family at Happy House - Natasha Thoya, Eric, Harry. Morphin, Abu, Said earning their wings.
Harry, found in a carrier bag on a rubbish dump, newborn and approx eight weeks premature, is one of them.
It was a very special to see this little boy, who I remember as such a weak little dot, breezing up to receive his certificate so full of pride.
It's thank to Mama Sue and our charity that Harry survived and that he has a childhood so full of love and happiness.
His story could have been so very different.
Each one of these Happy House kids comes from a background of loss and sadness. Look at them now. Chests puffed out with pride, their gown flowing in the gentle breeze.
They can now, with hard work, be anything they want to be.
Graduating from KG to primary is just a start.
The next stops will be secondary school and then, if they wish it to be and study hard to make it happen, university, 
Kid like these would have remained on the scrapheap of life had it not been for our Happy House.  Some like Harry, may not have survived at all,
Sue is their Mama and their mentor. She has made the impossible possible.
And you, our child sponsors and supporters, have helped her to make it happen.
Thank YOU. and huge congratulations to all the KG Class of 2017.