Monday, 11 December 2017

Festive fun starts here

Auntie Millicent - Santa's helper.
The scene is set for a Christmas week of fun and games at Happy House.
Our festivities start today when many of the kids, now living back with their relatives, arrive back home.
Some will be travelling long distances on overnight buses to spend a week here with their Happy House "brother and sisters".
It's special time for them, but also for Mama Sue and Papa Dave .
They gave these children a safe and loving home when they were in desperate need.  
They grew them into healthy, well rounded little beings, taught them life skills and gave them a believe in themselves.
They also felt the pain of seeing them leave, having made it possible for them to be reunited with relatives able to provide a home.
All hands go up for a trip to the beach

And so it will be a happy and emotional day for Mama and Papa to see their kids return to the nest, to see how they've grown and to spend time hearing their news and sharing their memories.
Our Happy House kids are ready to welcome their friends.
Today they plan to put up the decorations, decide whose sleeping where and relax.
The rest of the week there will be be activities each day, Mama held a special kidz club so the children could choose what they would like to do as this is their time together.
Wednesday is the highlight of the week as it will  be our Christmas Day when Santa will deliver!