Monday, 25 December 2017

Merry Christmas

Today, as you open your presents, please take a moment to think about our Happy House and what we give to the children who come into our care.
We give them love, security, education, discipline and direction.  
Kids who have lived on the streets, suffered hardship, neglect or tragedy are lost and lonely beings  when they arrive, we turn their lives around and put hope into their hearts.
The greatest gift is not material, it's giving them a childhood where they have the freedom to grow and play and where fear, hunger and neglect are things of the past.
Our Mama Sue and Papa Dave have built a Happy House family where love is the driving force.
Your support makes their work possible and brings sunlight flooding into lives where darkness had dominated.
We hope you have a lovely day, Merry Christmas.
Tomorrow's blog will be Mama's Christmas message. Don't miss it.