Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Festive day on the sports field

It was sports for all at Happy House on day 2 of our Christmas celebrations.
Those who were not taking part in the programme of events were jumping up and down cheering on their team.
Divided into two sides- orange and green- the kids, teachers and staff left nobody in any doubt of which side they were on. If there had been a cheering contest, it would have been a dead heat!
On the field, the children, those who live at Happy House and those repatriated to relatives in the community, were eager to show who could move the fastest.
In a series of events, all very good humoured, the competition was keen.  From the juniors, through the oldest kids they put their hearts and souls into doing their best.
Mama and Papa had seats in the shade to watch their kids so them proud.
After athletics in the morning, with a break for apples and a 
drink, we all had lunch together - a delicious macaroni cheese- and then after time for a rest the games recommenced. This time with team events, including volleyball and netball and a staff v kids football match.
The orange team came out on top at the end of the day.