Sunday, 3 December 2017

So many books, by Fridah

Fridah Sonje loves reading and writing .
Having a library at school, full of books, is just a constant source of delight for this  scholarship youngster.
Before she joined our school she was out of school because of family poverty and the hope of having a book to read was just a distant dream.
Our Happy House School is the best school I know.
We have a wonderful library which students use it all the time.
It has books on many subjects, and many story books.
Mama Sue makes sure we have many story books and textbooks so we can expand our minds.
Reading also helps us to write compositions. We write good composition when we do our exams.
Our teachers are very happy when they see the way we write our composition.
Our library has got so many books and we are so lucky to have them.
 I would like to thank and congratulate Mama Sue for the work she does for us and I can say that we will use the library well so that we can pass our national exams and be successful.