Thursday, 24 December 2015

YOU deliver the greatest gift

Thank you! 
YOU have delivered to Mama Sue, Papa Dave and all our Happy House family the best Christmas gift of all -  the security of knowing the costs of building and opening our secondary school are covered.
It was back in August when rising costs of material and labour meant, our funds exhausted, that building work was a standstill.
And desperate to assure the educational future of our children, we launched the £25,000  Happy House Building a Bright Future Appeal.
We knew in our hearts that you would rally to our cry of help, and so you have.
Friends from around the world have made donations, held fundraising events and gone the extra mile to support us.
Children, from the very youngest in nursery through to secondary students, have done their bit, as have so many individuals who have tested their own endurance in sponsored events - the Iron man challenge and a 10k run to giving up chocolate!
Their have been big events and small ones, all just as important. You know who you are and what YOU have done -  we are not listing names because there are too many and we may leave someone out!
You are all equally important, every penny, every cent, counts.. We know how much you care and are so, so grateful. 
We have achieved this goal together, as we have others that have come before, and we can say, for certain, that as our family grows and develops more challenges will lie ahead.
For now, we can pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.
The educational future of our young people is assured,
You are amazing friends and we are so blessed to know you.
 In today's video a delighted Mama says thank you and wishes you a very Happy Christmas.