Friday, 25 December 2015

A magical Christmas

Merry Christmas!
It was jingle bells all the way when Santa came to call on our Happy House family.
The children who are still on home visits and their relatives came back to join the party and everyone waited in eager anticipation for Santa to make his entrance.
His arrival, with two cheeky elves and sacks full of presents, was greeted by a rousing reception from all the kids who were clapping and cheering.
There was lots of laughter as he made his way to the banda where he handed out gifts to every child, with Papa Dave as his helper.
Then there was singing, dancing, sports and  music and a delicious meal of beef pilau and fruit salad.
It was a very happy day for Mama, Papa and all the children as it was for staff, guests and volunteers.
Thank you for all the gifts you sent to help Santa fill his sleigh.
We wish you a very happy day.