Thursday, 10 December 2015

Birthday boys

 There are two birthdays being celebrated at Happy House this week
Baraka Mkutano turns 13 while Fred Safari will be seven.
Papa Dave had the honour of presenting the boys with their birthday gifts whilst everyone sang Happy Birthday as loud as they could!
Mama told the kids that Santa would have them as first on his list for deliveries this year as he would be calling on December 23 which was when they would have their special Christmas meal.
She asked them what they would like to eat, and this time beef pilau won out over chicken pilau in the voting so that's what they will be having.
There were loud cheers when the result was announced.

Hospital fair

Today the Happy House has a stall at Blackpool Victoria Hospital Christmas Markets in the Education Centre (opp the Women's Unit) from 4pm-6.30pm.
There will be free parking in the multi-storey car park for those visiting the fair from 4.45pm only.
We hope you will come to see us. Everyone is welcome.