Thursday, 17 December 2015

With love from students in Rome

Teacher Patrizia Antonelli is a  good friend to our Happy House family and school and visits whenever she is in Watamu.
And when she is back in Rome she continues to help by raising awareness of the work of Mama Sue and our charity.
Her students at the Caetani Institute in Rome, Italy, have taken our children into their hearts and raised 750 euro for our Building a Bright Future Appeal to finish, furnish and staff our secondary school ready for opening in January.
The students say: " We are a secondary school like your own, and we are writing to tell you something about us and how we know you and your project.
We are students between 14 and 18 years old, our school is in the centre of the town, just near St Peter's Church.
We  have three different courses so we have a lot of subjects.
This year we were thinking about a charity project to help people in Africa, especially to provide education.

So we asked to our teacher, Mrs Patrizia Antonelli, to help us, because we know she is active in Kenya.
She told us about your Happy House Children Home, and about the building of the Secondary School.
We even saw your website, your nice pictures and videos. 

A lot of classes, students  and also teachers gave their donation for Happy School Project we are very happy and proud.
Many of us have a dream, to come to see you in Kenya, in future.
Kind regards and our best wishes for a Merry Christmas of Peace and Love."

Thank you to everyone at Caetani for all your hard work and for the money you raised.
Our school building is now complete and we are busy getting it ready to open.
Our joiner Charo is making desks and chairs, Mama and her management team are interviewing teachers and all is on schedule to open on January 5.
You have helped to make this possible.
Thank you. You are awesome!