Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Welcome to Ashura and David turns five!

There will be Christmas joy and Santa surprises little Ashura now she is a Happy House kid.
Ashura has come to us after a request from Jua Rescue Centre which was looking for a more permanent home after giving her a temporary refuge.
Ashura has suffered a great deal of hardship  and uncertainty in her three and a half years.
Her teenage mum had been rescued from early marriage by the Children’s Department  and taken to Jua in 2012 and despite every effort being made by the centre had not connected with her baby daughter.
Last year her mum claimed she was 18 and left the centre without her daughter who went into a local children’s home. In June this year,  her mum went to claim her and, with Jua’s intervention, a schedule of integration was agreed and signed, but the mum disappeared with the child.
The Jua Centre made every attempt to trace them, and  received some calls from a wellwisher who spotted the mum and child on the streets but still they were not found.
Eventually a relative of the mum traced them and took them to Jua, with support from the Children’s Department  Ashura  was taken into care.
The mum agreeing that she could not provide for her little girl’s needs.
The mum, who had a difficult childhood herself and has no family backing, now has a chance to build a life for herself  while Ashura is in our safe and loving care. She will remain with us for as long as she needs to.
For Ashura the magic of a Happy House Christmas will be full of fun and delight.

David is five

Papa had the pleasure of presenting a birthday gift to his namesake yesterday when our little David Hayward celebrated turning five.
The Happy House family joined together to sing Happy Birthday to David at the weekly Kidz Club.
David has been with us since he was abandoned as a baby and has come so far since then - with constant support and encouragement from all those around him.
He's a real little fighter, and showing himself to be a winner too.
Happy birthday, David.
Mama  told the kids about the Christmas preparations and she then welcomed the new teachers - Mr Mramba and Madam Doris.
They were then invited  to introduce themselves and say a few words to the children.