Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Munga's lads flying high in new strip

 Whenever any electrical work is needed at the Happy House,  Munga is the man.
A local electrician he has been working with with Mama for a good number of years and is both highly skilled and reliable,
When we were having trouble with our solar energy system, we were grateful to Russ Wenman, a volunteer from the UK, for using his immense expertise to sort it out. He worked alongside Munga who learnt a great deal from Russ and the two men got along famously.
Russ learnt all about Munga's youth work in the local community. 
He runs a football team, Timboni FC.
 He trains the team and travels with them to tournaments.
With so many young people out of work,  football gives them an interest and a sense of purpose.
 Russ, managing director of H4 Aerospace,  told Munga that he would sponsor a team kit , which Scott and Laura Webster brought with them from the UK.
On Saturday, Munga and his lads went to Happy House for a special handover and photocall with Mama and Papa.
They were thrilled with the kit, and Munga was delighted to have a shirt with his name on the back,
In their H4 Aerospace strip,  Timboni FC's spirits will soar and they wish to send their thanks to Russ for providing it.