Thursday, 31 December 2015

Child of courage

Our little David is a model child of courage.
From his very first breath, he has been a little fighter.
Five last month, he has overcome so many obstacles to walk and talk and, every step of the way, he has been boosted by the love and encouragement of Mama and Papa and all our family.
His Happy House brothers and sisters love him to bits, even when he is bossing them about, and today's video echoes their pride in their special brother.
It was filmed at our Christmas celebration, and will bring a huge lump to your throats.
For Mama was told when he was 11 months old that he has Down's Syndrome and he would never amount to anything just to take him away and love him, his catwalk debut is another milestone in an amazing little life that will be forever etched on her heart.
Where this abandoned baby would have been now, without her and her Happy House, is unthinkable.
Now he is every inch a model kid.
Mama says: "I asked at Kidz Club who wanted to do catwalk at Christmas and David's hand flew up.
"He wanted to do it just like his brothers and sisters,so we had a little practice and he tried so hard, I cried thinking back to how frail he had been.
"At our Christmas party, he did so well and everyone was clapping a cheering . He got to the end and was bursting with pride.  So was I.
"And more tears flowed!"

Five days to go

Five days until we open our Happy House Secondary School....
Paintwork finished and the move is on in earnest as more desks, lockers, and school materials leave the Happy House workshop and store.