Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Mama checks up on her chicks

Emmanuel and Elijah
Many of our Happy House kids will be enjoying Christmas with their relatives this year, as they are now on extended home visits.
We have 50 children left at here with us at home who have no-one or who are unable to go on a home visit for various reasons, Some are too young to understand why.
Mama says that our Brian, now five, whose mum left him in hospital two hours after giving birth, thought he should be going..
‘’The other day after some of the children had left he came and told me he wanted to go and see auntie, I smiled and cuddled him and tried to explain, but it does pull at your hearts strings that there is no auntie."
“ Esther another of our foundlings  who is three, decided she would pack her bag as other girls in her room were doing. When she was told she was not going on a visit she cried and screamed. Uncle Billy was called and calmed her down by saying she would be going in the evening.
Rukia and Saida, and Mama with Janet, Evans and Oscar
“By the time evening came she had settled down, was happy and had forgotten all about it.”
Visits are carefully planned and the children really look forward to them and are excited when they leave."
They will, of course, receive their Christmas gifts and cards you have sent even though they will not be at the Happy House when Santa calls!
In Kenya, Christmas is a religious celebration of togetherness, and for these children being with their mums, dads, grandparents, aunties or siblings is a gift indeed.
Always the mother hen, Mama is going out and about, with Uncle Billy and Uncle Ronnie, to check that all is well with her chicks
“I just couldn’t wait to get out there are see how the kids are doing,” she says.
Mama with Karembo, John, Sifa and Grandma
“Everything was so very, very, positive.
“We visited Janet,Evans and Oscar,  how happy they were to be doing their own thing with their cousins and having more freedom.
“Twins Pendo & Saumu, were so happy with their Mum as too were Peter and Paul.
“Jedidah is loving being at her aunt’s house and with her cousins.
“Sifa John and Karembo are at their grandma’s house and enjoying every minute. They are being such a great help to her.
“Some of the homes are truly basic and the children are carrying water, but that is normal life here.
“All the adults were delighted to see us and made us feel very welcome.
“Everyone is so happy to have their children home.
Katana and Fikiri with their mum
“ Other family members have been visiting to celebrate with them, and that was all the families.
 “They thanked us for what we have done,  how the children speak English, how well mannered, intelligent, and respectful they are.
“They are truly beacons of light within their own community. We are so very proud of them.
“We were there when their lives were desperate, now situations and lives have changed.  As we all know life can turn on a sixpence, but it can also in time turn back again. It is amazing to see children who are at home with their natural Mum
“The natural bond is undeniable."
“ We have visited others too and have more to see this week.
“We are in touch by phone so we can be confident the happiness we have seen in the last week will definitely be repeated  over the next.