Saturday, 14 November 2015

School celebrations and presentations

It's been a huge week for our Class Eight students, but now their KCPE exams are over and they can relax for a while - and today, they can put all those Saturdays of revision behind them and enjoy Auntie Velma's wedding day.
Janet with Mama, Papa & Uncle Billy
The youngsters have embraced the exams with enthusiasm and optimism.
On Tuesday, after their first full day they returned to Happy House for Kidz Club when all their "brothers" and "sisters" cheered and clapped for them.
There was a special treat of juice and biscuits and the exam candidates were keen to share the news of their day with Mama.
Every day since they have come home as bright and eager as when they left in the morning.
Well done, kids, we wish you every success.

 Thank you Holy Family

Auntie Libby was reunited with our Masai warrior Musyoka when she called into Holy
Family RC Primary School, Blackpool, yesterday.
Musyoka has been acting as a mascot for their fundraising for Happy House and now they have raised £150  the school council has returned him along with a very big cheque!
Libby was delighted to go into school to accept the cheque and to say thank you from all our family and to let the know the money will be used to make desks for our secondary school.
Thank you to everyone who helped, and a special mention to Charlotte Barber, who has now moved on to high school, and to her sister Natalie for introducing Happy House to the school council.
If there are any other schools in Blackpool or on the Fylde Coast that would like to raise money for Happy House and would like our Musyoka to be their mascot please get into with Libby -