Sunday, 1 November 2015

Our best teacher by David and Katana

Science is a subject that captures the imagination of pupils and our science teacher. Mr Isaac, is very popular with his pupils.
David Karisa and Katana are  our bloggers today and they are both writing about their best subject and their best teacher.
David writes:
I am 10 and I am in class four.
My best subject is science and my class teacher is called Mr Isaac.
I like science because  it can help you  be a farmer and a pilot,
In science you get to know about animals how they move and what they eat . Lion eats human beings and other animals .
When I grow up  I would like to be a scientist so I can study the weather and do good work.

Many people want to be good in science like our big brothers and sisters who are nearly doing their KCPE on November 10.
Katana adds:                                                                                         I am in class four and my best teacher is Mr Isaac.  He teaches science .
I like my teacher because he teaches well.
He teaches us things like parts of the body and how they work.
In science we learnt about ways that we can get meat and milk from animals like cows and goats and of other animals that give us meat and eggs.
Animals that they give us meat and eggs are chicken, goose, duck and turkeys
Our teacher is very good at science  and even in all subjects.
When it is time for exams we all get above ninety eight and six pupils are getting one hundred, like John and Selina and Rose.
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