Monday, 2 November 2015

Networking in the interests of children

The Happy House was pleased to play host to a meeting of the  network of  Charitable Children's  Institutions
 was also attended by two children officers at the sub-county level.
Uncle Ronald writes: " It was a nice meeting as the members shared their experiences and challenges encountered in their respective homes. 
The issue of bed wetting was mentioned and Mama explained to the members how we handle it here by the use of the room diaries and positive encouragement.
Everyone had an opportunity to go through one of the diaries and there was a positive response an indication that other homes will follow suit.
After the meeting we had lunch together and afterwards all the members were taken on a guided tour around the Happy House. 

They walked in the rooms both dow stairs and upstairs and they saw how neat they were and  again they were told that this was a response from the children to the room diaries and award scheme.
 Many members took photos uof the rooms, they really loved what they saw.
After the tour, I heard some members saying everything at Happy House is well organized and that we are the leading home.