Saturday, 7 November 2015

Happy House history makers

Class 8 with Mama, Papa, Uncle Billy and Mr Isaac
These are exciting if nervous times for students in class eight at Happy House school.
They will be making history when, next week, they become the first young people from our school to sit the important Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examinations.
And for one young lady, Janet, it will be a double first.  She is also the first youngster from living in our Happy House family from the start to take the exam. 
The others have all come to Happy House on our  free place Dr Danwata Scholarship scheme and without our help would not have been in education at all. Two of them, Dennis and Victoria have also been given a home in our family because of their profound need.
There's a huge importance attached to this national exam and our kids have worked their socks off. 
They have been in school by 6.30 every morning and studied until late, and worked on revision in their own time and at weekends, with classes with teacher every Saturday morning.
Their teachers too have been pulling out all the stops to bring them on and Uncle Billy has been there with an ever guiding hand.
Mama  has been there with her guidance and encouragement, as has Papa. Like all parents Mama and Papa want the very best for their Happy House kids. Home kids or scholarship, they are all our family.
There is a fixed timetable for the exams, starting with a rehearsal day on Monday. The exams then start on Tuesday.
Teacher Mr Isaac writes:
"It has been a journey of a thousand miles for class eight.
"It is by meeting challenges, determination and hard work that has brought us this far.
Today (Friday) is our last day of teaching.
The exams are from Tuesday to Thursday. 
The learners will sit for Mathematics, English Language and English composition on Tuesday. 
On Wednesday they are expected to do Science, Kiswahili Lugha and Kiswahili Insha (composition and language). 
They will finish the last paper on Thursday with Social Studies and religious education. 
Throughout this time the school will be closed to all but those directly involved in the exams.
Only the candidates are allowed to be in the school compound plus the external invigilators and one security officer to ensure their security during exams.
 The head teacher is, however, allowed to be in the compound but must not go near the exam room.
For this reason the rest of the children and teachers will not be in school."
Mr Isaac adds: " The learners are good physically socially and emotionally, we hope they are going to pass in their final exams with flying colours.
We Sincerely Mama Sue, the Happy House family, sponsors and supporters  who have helped us reach this far.
We humbly ask you to continue to give your support, materially, financially and spiritually, to help uplift these young people who have such high hopes of going on to  secondary school here in January."
Yesterday there was a service of thanksgiving for Class Eight with Mama, Papa, Uncle Billy, teachers and the students relatives or guardians. 
They gathered for worship, led by a local pastor, and students took part in the service including Mercy Rehema who gave thanks to Mama and all who provided them with such a loving and caring learning environment, with all the resources they needed.
She and Diana Mbeyu joined to sing a hymn of thanks.
It was a moving and happy occasion, a landmark in the life of the Happy House thus far.
Each one of these young people has come through so much to get to this point.
Before coming to Happy House they had  endured much hardship and loss in circumstances where which denied  them any schooling at all.
Our Happy House put them back in school and on the road out of poverty, our school is their route to a bright future.
They have worked so hard and they deserve to succeed, and we wish them all the luck in the world and know, for certain, when exam day dawns they will do as they always do - their very best.