Thursday, 19 November 2015

Parties play their part

Parties are an important part of childhood and for our kids at Happy House they help to ease painful memories of the past
Every child comes to our family from a background of loss, hunger, fear or neglect and whilst we can never completely erase those memories we can give them lots of joyful experiences which, as adults, they will look back on with a smile.
Our parties cost very little. The only requirements are energy, enthusiasm and a bit of cake.
Mama and Papa take every opportunity to give our kids, and our friends, a good time.
Linda Newman, a great friend of Mama and Papa and the whole family, owns the Giriama Residence in Watamu where many of our volunteers have stayed.
Linda, who divides her time between the UK and Kenya,  just happened to be in Watamu for her birthday and Mama decided to spring a surprise party.
It was tremendous fun, with lots and dancing and a lots of laughter.
Just what memories are made of!