Sunday, 15 November 2015

Our smiling faces for wedding - by Salama

Salama  had a very important job as an attendant at Auntie Velma's wedding.
She was looking forward to the big day, which took place yesterday, when she wrote this blog earlier this week:
"The wedding of Aunt Velma will be on November 14 on that day we will be HAPPY!
The time will come and we will enjoy ourselves we will be perfect.
We will wear smart clothes then we shall decorate our banda it will be surprise.
We will be wearing our smiling faces on that day.
Aunt Velma and Cleophas will be married, it is good to celebrate the wedding day together  and we will enjoy ourselves.
*Salama is pictured with Auntie Velma as she leaves her home for her Happy House wedding. We will have more pictures in th next few days,