Saturday, 28 November 2015

Cuppa kindness and Christmas market

Pauline, Susan and David
 There was something brewing in the seaside town of Cleveleys yesterday.
Friends gathered at the home of David and Susan Mitchell for a a get-together, hosted jointly with Pauline Royle, dubbed "Have a Brew of Watamu".Susan, Pauline and helpers were kept busy in the kitchen as more and more people arrived.
Business was brisk on the bring and buy stall, the book stall and on the Happy House stall.
And there was no shortage of people wanting to have a go at naming the elephant, crocheted by Pauline, with a list of the names of our children to choose from.
Elizabeth Gomm, our voluntary coordinator, was there will information about the Happy House.
Susan and David, who are in our little Neema's sponsor family, and Pauline, who is in the sponsor families of Jane and Derrick, were delighted that the afternoon resulted in raising £347.30 for our Building a Bright Future Appeal to finish and open our secondary school in January.
This brings the £25,000 appeal to £21,252.12.
Thank you David, Susan and Pauline for arranging such a lovely event, and thank you to everyone who came along to make it such a success.

The true spirit of Christmas

Join us tomorrow for a fabulous day of festive fun, shopping and food at Marsh Mill Christmas Market at Marsh Mill Shopping Village, Thornton Cleveleys
.The event,  which starts at 11am, is organised by Caroline Bramhall, owner of the Grace&Favour and the Sewing Sanctuary who has a very personal reason for choosing the Happy House as this year's charity.Caroline explains: "It's so easy amidst all the organising to forget the reasons for hosting this years Christmas market... so on the eve of the event I would like to share those reasons so that you know why we at Grace & Favour Fabrics and The Sewing Sanctuary find this the easiest and yet the hardest ever event  we have created.
 Lisa Holman  was an amazing lady, a colleague and friend and also an inspiration. Lisa was also known for her huge heart - her endless charity work and above all the quiet way in which she just got on with helping anyone at all - charity, friends, strangers.
Festive fun
I have heard so many lovely stories of acts of kindness and support involving Lisa. Whilst working together Lisa told me of the Happy House and of a young girl that she and her family supported. Lisa explained the vision of the Happy House and its achievements so far, the difference that it had made to so many vulnerable young lives, she asked if we could help. 
Weeks later we hosted a great night at G&F - Mama Sue spoke and so did Elizabeth - it was so emotional and we learned afterwards that as a result several people sponsored a child directly as Lisa had done.
 Lisa is no longer with us - sadly and leaving a huge void, Lisa passed away in May this year. Lisa knew her time was limited and yet still found the amazing strength to be bossy to the end.
 I promised Lisa that I would take over sponsorship of her young lady and that Grace & Favour Fabrics and The Sewing Sanctuary would host an event to help to raise the monies required to ensure a happy and safe future and a brilliant education for the Happy House Children. 
 So here we are on the eve of our task - a task that that today  reminds me of all the wonderful people that I have been blessed to associate with. 
Thank you in advance to every stall holder and shop and business owner who has paid fees to attend this charity event - all monies will go to the charity this is absolutely a not for profit event.
 If it rains put your hood up, if its cold call in and warm up in any one of our amazing shops - huddle and sing with our fabulous line up of artists - visit anyone of of the amazing stalls selling Christmas gifts, foods and much more
But, please, above all help us to help Lisa do what she set out to do"