Friday, 6 November 2015

Monkey business for painters!

 Painting the Happy House is, as we have said before, a huge task.
But just like any other home owner we have to keep on top of routine maintenance, which includes regular painting of walls inside and out.
"The painting is looking good," says Mama.
" It badly needed doing but it is not until they start you realize just how much, then of course one thing leads to another!
" It is well worth the effort to keep everywhere looking good."

Missy's magical monkey 2014
Looking fresh 
The murals, so beautifully painted  on the walls of our inner courtyard last year by volunteers Missy Regan and and Lotte Van Kouwen from Flourish Foundation, were looking a bit tired and worn after being touched by so many of our little monkeys, that they need a little TLC
The kids adore the cheerful animals that line the walls on their way to bed and now they are
as fresh and bright as the day Missy and Lotte put down their brushes.