Friday, 12 September 2014

Young artists flourish and guitar showcase

Two talented young women are bringing art to the Happy House.
Missy McKee, founder of the Flourish Foundation, and Lotte van Kouwen have travelled out to Watamu to spend a week working with our kids on creating murals on our inner atrium.
Missy,a New Zealander, who is living in London and studying for an MA in art psychotherapy set up Flourish Foundation to help raise awareness of the important role of art and art therapy play in the healing process, and with the aim of enriching the lives of kids and young adults through art.
Missy and Lotte, from Holland but also living in London, started their week getting to know our kids by encouraging them to have fun with paint and mask making.
With just a few days to complete their project of child-friendly murals, again working with our children, they are really busy and we can't wait to see the completed artworks.
Many thanks to Miss and Lotte for making art so much fun.
 Pictures: Top left: Brian shows of his art work, and (below left) Natasha gets handy. Right: Top row: Missy (left) and Lotte (right) working with with the children, and below left: Lotte at work on the mural and Missy in class.
Many thanks to Miss and Lotte for making art so much fun

Playing our tune...
Great friends of the Happy House, George Lowden Guitars Ltd and guitar virtuoso Jon Gomm will be raising awareness of our family at the London Acoustic Guitar Show at the Olympia Conference, London, this weekend.
Jon and his beautful Lowden, Wilma, will be giving a masterclass with luthier George Lowden on Saturday at 12.30pm and on Sunday Jon will be playing as part of the Lowden 40th anniversary celebrations.  All profits from Lowden's 40th anniversary tee-shirts are being donated to the Happy House.
Lowden support two of our Dr Danwata Scholarship Students, Wiclif and Yvonne
Thank you to Jon and to Lowden Guitars for your support and for caring.